Upgrade service components

Upgrading to a new environment can be complex, especially across multiple versions. Our team of dedicated professionals at AXImprove provides a comprehensive range of upgrade services to help you make a seamless transition 

Take a look at the details of the various upgrade components that we offer.

Upgrade Assessment :

  • FREE high-level assessment of custom developments and modifications by running our Environment profiler tool on your current Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. 

System Improvement:

  • We use our ASM solution to monitor the Microsoft Dynamics AX database to ensure you get the most out of your current system while the upgrade process completes, and you move to your new environment.  
  • Data cleanup and archive of current Microsoft Dynamics AX environment using our Data Archive solution to ensure the System Migration will be lean and predictable.  
  • We help you improve your current system at a FIXED PRICE. 

Technical Upgrade:

  • Code upgrade from the current system to D365 Finance and Operations at FIXED COST. 

Functional Assistance:

  • Our experienced team of functional consultants help you validate your business processes and make the best decisions around adopting standard functionality. 

Data Upgrade:

  • FIXED COST for migrating data from the current system to the upgraded environment using scripts to ensure no data is lost.

System Migration:

  • Ensuring your transition to the live environment will be fluent and possible within a fixed business time slot and at a FIXED COST. The target here is to minimize the effect on the business when we move to the live environment. 

Platform Migration:

  • Leverage the future. The D365 technology platform is vastly more powerful than you will realize. Here we can assist you in leveraging what you need from the platform to drive real success in your business. That could be enabling citizen developers to drive forward line of business solutions that make their day-to-day jobs easier or establishing a powerful reporting regime using Power BI. The new D365 platform provides a highly available, highly dependable, and extremely flexible approach to allow you to solve your business problems and stand out from your competitors by embracing digital transformation. 

Support Services:

  • A bespoke support package to suit your needs, requirements, and budget after the upgrade.   
  • Cumulative support package each time Microsoft releases cumulative updates that are likely to cause major breaking changes in the system.

License incentives:

  • All Microsoft license promotions have expired for D365. We still offer discounts based on the volume of licenses purchased.

We work with you and your team to ensure predictable outcomes and
predictable costs at all possible points.

AXImprove is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with a unique non-compete based services approach. We have experience with the product back to the very first version. Our sole focus is Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX.


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