Curious to know what it would take to upgrade your
Microsoft Dynamics AX environment?
Are you looking to upgrade your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX environment to a higher version?

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How does a HIGH-LEVEL ANALYSIS of your
Dynamics AX environment in ONE DAY sound?

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We will do a high-level assessment of your current Dynamics AX environment to give you a 
ballpark estimate of the time, budget and effort required to upgrade to a higher version.
If that sounds interesting, then there’s more.

It is absolutely FREE !!!

All you need to do is Subscribe us:-

  • Simply leave your Business Email ID and phone number with your requirement in the space provided and we will send you our Environment profiler tool.  
  • Follow the instructions that are provided to run the tool on your current environment. 
  • Send us the output that the tool generates and leave the rest to us. 

We will then quickly analyze your Dynamics AX environment in One Day for FREE.  


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