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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a robust cloud-based ERP solution that allows you to manage your business operations with efficiency and ease. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations offers dynamic and flexible solutions that empowers you to seamlessly integrate all the processes of your business and have a unified user experience.

With its built-in business intelligence and analytics capabilities, you can now get in-depth data driven insights into your business that help you plan and make faster business decisions. 

Hosted on Microsoft servers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations will reduce the cost of maintaining your own servers and hardwareWith Azure capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for F & O ensures built-in disaster recovery and security of your data load.

Rediscover modern solutions with digital transformation and experience accelerated business growth.

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Financial management

Dynamics 365 Finance solution seamlessly integrates all the core processes of your business giving you a unified view of all the areas of your business. With built-in AI, unified global financial reporting features and predictive analytics you can optimize financial visibility and make quick and improved financial decisions to promote the growth of your organization. The Dynamics 365 Finance solution allows you to automate your business processes thereby helping you to effectively manage your business, enhance productivity and financial performance.  

Supply chain management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply chain management intelligently brings together inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, service and logistics in one dynamic view. Get in-depth data-driven insights that help in predictive analysis and strategic decision making. 

supply chain management
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Project management and accounting

Plan, manage, analyze and execute all your organization’s projects, both internal and external with efficiency and ease with the Dynamics 365 Project management and accounting moduleWith an ability to accommodate a wide-ranging list of industriesDynamics 365 Project management and accounting module helps in achieving phenomenal results in project deliveryFrom creating and maintaining elaborate budget forecasts to effectively managing resources, inventory items and project related tasks and tracking financials, the Project accounting module is a wholesome solution that empowers you to successfully manage your organization’s projects from start to finish.

Cloud services

Access real-time data from any device and stay up to date with clients and co-workers. Get data-driven insights into your business that allow you to build action plans and meet organizational goals.  

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