Breaking Through

While we have helped other Partners, resellers, and ISVs create products over the years for the Dynamics market place, the products below are solutions that we sell and license.  They have been borne as the result of solving problems that we have encountered again and again; and while we sell them, we also use them to help us provide services to our customers.

Service One

Advanced Data Access Manager

Advanced Data Access Monitor helps to pinpoint Locking and Blocking scenarios and Long Query events.  Crucially this also allows a perspective from AX rather than just the DB.  This allows us to pinpoint code causing DB problems which is often the root cause of perceived performance problems.

Advanced Storage Management

Advanced Storage Management allows us to have ongoing AX Health Checks (analysed by an Expert System) and Synchronize friendly DB optimizations that can be planned in and actioned at points in time suitable for the organization.

This is a fundamental part of our “Performance improvement is a process rather than an event” mantra.  No decision that means a change in database structure or settings should be based on a one day observation. Advanced Storage Management has special, batch-capable procedure of collecting and storing the statistics for each AX table and index.

Service Two
Service Three

Interactive Performance Benchmark

Interactive Performance Benchmark (IPB) allows you to objectively measure real world user performance within your AX environment at any given time; for any given segment of the user population; and for any given set of forms.

It also allows you to establish a benchmark that you can trend against as your environment grows and changes to see objectively how performance for your user community changes over time.  You can also to use it to establish alerts for minimum performance in certain business critical areas.

Advanced Help AUthor

Automated Help Author (AHA) is a tool that automates the shell production of a help system for bespoke development in AX and crucially decouples it from the normal X++ development cycle.  It can independently discover areas where the AX solution has changed since the last time it was documented in help and call that out to the Help Content Authors.  

This allows Help Content Authors to track changes to the software effortlessly and allows for incremental software changes knowing that the help content can follow suit.  AHA tracks all changes including field and element reorganizations.

If you are creating software for your users or your customers and you see help as an integral part of your product then we don’t know how you are surviving without AHA.

AXImprove ERP

Other Solutions

We have many other solutions and helper products.  Some notable ones are listed below:

  • Code Scrambler: Protect your intellectual property by scrambling your code.
  • License Guard: Protect your revenue streams by license protecting your software.
  • AxURL: Link back and forth from and to specific places in AX.  This makes help content bi directional and can greatly assist communication via users as one can link directly to a single row of data in a distinct company, and even in a precise environment for others to refer to / look at.
  • Best Practice Additions: Additional best practice checks that we do as part of our own development process and share with our customers.
  • Code spells: Automated code patterns that improve coding consistency and standards across an organization.
  • XppML: XppML is an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 which allows you to XMLize your X++ source.  This allows us to expose the code to machine learning, automated code reviews, automated code manipulation (change RunBase to MVC for example).