All our services in Performance are designed to let you leverage all of your infrastructure to improve performance, durability and scalability in your Dynamics AX environment.

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Advanced Data Access Monitor
This is a partner service to accompany our internal Advanced Data Access Monitor Framework. Isolating performance problems caused by locking is easy from the database side, not so from the AX side.

This service is a specialised view of your environment when nothing else has managed to solve your performance issues.

This is no simple view of what tables are locked by what processes that you would be able to get from SQL Server management Studio. It is a full blown diagnostics monitor within AX that lets you look holistically across the application and the database and pinpoint coding issues manifesting themselves as excessive locking or performance burdens.

Performance Audit
Making AX perform is what we do. We are currently seeking to patent improvements to AX that increase specific performance pain points by between 3 and 16 fold.

We are contracted by various organisations: end customers, partners and other ISV's.

Performance problems can be caused by:

poorly written code

lack of awareness of concurrent operations

inappropriate hardware

Whilst the solution for each case is highly individual, we have developed an in-house set of tools to assist us in problem determination and isolation.

Following this diagnostic process we are able to provide Services and Consultancy to produce guaranteed improvements.

With extensive experience in large AX installations globally we believe we can improve every installation of AX.

Why not challenge us to see?


Is the code robust and well written or have corners been cut? Multiple scans through the code can reveal code robustness and quality. It will also indicate its likely performance.

Our experience allows us to detect weak coding areas before they potentially disrupt production.

Additionally we can benchmark an entire system under load to show areas to target. The vast majority of Dynamics AX implementations suffer from performance degradation over the first year. Although part of it is just the users's perception, the real effect should not be underestimated.

This is often due to the difference in database size and specific data distribution for that installation which causes the same operations to take longer. There are often significant changes introduced to the Dynamics AX code base: custom modules or in-depth customisations, which were working perfectly with minimal data.

Stress testing is rarely part of a formal project plan mostly due to costs. This can lead to specifying oversized hardware; masking performance problems from day 1.

Using our server farm's 16 AOS's we can process tons of data, create and post millions of sales orders, payment journals, execute stock month ends, master planning and production planning. These activities are closely monitored and their performance patterns recorded. Realistic behaviour of 100's of users can also be simulated, ensuring system readiness to process a given number of documents.

The result costs a fraction of in-house tests and demonstrates that hardware is properly sized and the future performance of the system can be assured.

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