IP Protection.

All our services in IP Protection are designed to protect your intellectual property and the revenue streams you build up around that.


Bespoke Protection
For clients who do not have Licence Guard or Code Scrambler but want a one off service to protect one of their solutions on a particular implementation then we have a very cost effective solution to offer obfuscation of up to 20 methods along with Licence Guard protection.

This will be extremely useful if you would prefer to spread the cost of securing your product IP based on you successfully selling your solution.

High Obfuscation

For registered users of Licence Guard and Code Scrambler there may be a requirement to "go the extra mile" and utilise more severe obfuscation than the Code Scrambler product will allow.

This process can take some considerable time and requires manual assistance hence it being provided as a tailored service rather than being packaged with the Code Scrambler solution.

Additionally we can obfuscate object and method names for a complete obfuscation service.

Each engagement will be individually evaluated depending on the requirements.


We do not expect this to be a popular service as we think we made Code Scrambler too effective.


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