All our services in Assistance are designed to assist both users and implementers get more out of Dynamics AX:

Quality assurance is an integral part of any business process - so why should the implementation and ongoing management of a Dynamics AX ERP environment be an exception?

Our goal in Mentoring services is to be regularly involved throughout the project from inception to implementation at a detailed level. This gives us ability to use our experience to foresee problems and offer advice on the range of possible solutions. This Mentoring can include the following services:

Design Authority
We believe it is very valuable for organisations to have an independent view on the design, regardless of whether you are a service provider or customer an unbiased review can be an essential due diligence step in making sure you have a robust solution for the future.

An audit can highlight strengths and weaknesses across a broad spectrum of project disciplines such as solution design, hardware infrastructure, development lifecycle controls and coding reviews.

Crucially, it will expose any weak points in an unbiased manner and allow the Project team to mitigate risk and deliver a better solution.


Specialist Consulting
AXImprove offers many specialist consulting services, some of which are defined below:

Bullet Proof your code

Programme Management

Project Management

Application Consultancy

Training (Technical & Functional)

Performance Audits

Database Advanced Data Access Monitor

Please get in touch if you have any specific requirements for independent, unbiased consultancy around the Dynamics AX ERP platform.

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