Upgrading to AX7.

Are you ready?

With the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX just around the corner every company needs to plan for upgrade. The new version of Dynamics AX7*, will be very exciting for users with a brand new user experience. How big it will be for the IT department it remains to be seen.

To ease up the wait AXImprove is proud to offer both a AX 2009 to AX7 Get Ready package. and a AX 2012 to AX7 Get Ready package.

They are comprised of 2 parts:

AX7 Compatibility Checks

Your Dynamics AX solution is checked according to Microsoft’s list of deprecated X++ constructs and features. Based on our prior upgrade experience we can also give a rough order of magnitude for the upgrade task ahead of you. The packages will be continually enhanced to allow you to benefit from our experience handling typical, and non-typical upgrade challenges.

Compiler output window showing AX7 upgrade problems

Upgrade to AX7 summary will give a basic view on the upgrade task size.

When browsing the internet you can easily pass a web address to a colleague.
With AxURL users can get Dynamics AX form/data address in the form of ax://… that can be sent via email, or placed in any document; such as a spreadsheet.
Once clicked it quickly opens the originating form/data. (see AxURL for more)

There are 2 versions of the package: one for AX 2009 and one for AX 2012. The licence price for each is 500 USD, (450 EUR, 340 GBP, 700 AUD). It includes continuous updates and additions to the Compatibility Checks.

We understand it might be difficult for the companies using Dynamics AX to justify even a minor investment just before the dawn of new version.

That’s why we will give a discount equal to the entire paid licence amount when you decide to choose us to upgrade your AX 2009 or 2012 solution to AX7; which essentially gives you our AxURL for free!.

Register your interest with us below and find out the scale of your upgrade project.

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