All our products in Performance are designed to let you leverage all of your infrastructure to improve performance, durability and scalability in your Dynamics AX environment.

Advanced Data Access Monitor
This is no simple view of what tables are locked by what processes that you would be able to get from SQL Server management Studio. It is a full blown diagnostics monitor within AX that lets you look holistically across the application and the database and pinpoint coding issues directly that are manifesting themselves as excessive locking or performance burdens.

Advanced Storage Management: Standard
Advanced Storage Management: STD allows you to remove the glass ceiling with regards to using advanced features of SQL Server.

Obviously, in a Dynamics AX environment AX rules over the database. It maintains and controls the data dictionary which determines ultimately the way you can utilise the functionality available in SQL Server.

We know there are solid reasons for the data dictionary as far as the language and providing an innovative development environment are concerned, but why should we not be able to use the strength of the database?

Advanced Storage Management: STD allows you to use File Groups to improve disk utilisation and potentially significantly improve performance.

More importantly, it adds it all to the AX data dictionary.

Advanced Storage Management can be used to increase performance and data optimisation as part of a DBA review and it can also reduce costs by "archiving" data away to cheaper storage based on it usage.


Advanced Storage Management: Enterprise
In addition to all features of Standard version, the Enterprise edition allows to use advanced features of Microsoft SQL Server: Partitioning, Included Columns, Contitional Indexes, Data Compression

Some of these features are only available in SQL Server editions above Standard.

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