Triage: Observe.


Product Overview

Triage only needs to exist when the number of support incidents exceeds the capacity of the resources available to verify and work on them. It can ensure efficiencies in being able to resolve the greatest number of relevant incidents at a given cost with appropriate resource.

AX Triage is an important step in formalising this process and making sure the best resource is allocated in a cost and time efficient manner.

AX Triage lets the end user do what they do best: It lets them walk through the system to where they would naturally describe the incident and AX Triage will gather comprehensive data along the way to describe what the user was doing and how the system was reacting.

This ensures that all information necessary to begin investigation and intelligently route the incident is available to Support from the outset.

It can take hours and many cycles of communication between multiple parties before support finally understands the circumstances, the incident itself, and the necessary steps to progress the incident to completion.

AX Triage solves above problem by gathering comprehensive data while user is actually doing a walkthrough demonstration of the incident. It then allows for an approval process internally, prior to submission to Support.

AX Triage ensures all information necessary to begin the support process is available to Support, from the outset.

Additionally Service Level Agreements often define different allowances/rates/response times for each incident category/area, therefore knowing it up front can allow End-users to use the support contract to it's full extent without unknowingly running into extra charges.

  • -SHOW the incident, then describe it.
  • -only few minutes on top of walkthrough
  • -unified way of collecting support case data
  • -know whose responsibility the incident is
  • -effective use of SLA


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