Code Scrambler.

Product Overview

Code Scrambler allows you to protect your intellectual property within Dynamics AX.

Do you have key IP that exists in your product that you want to protect?

Is there anything in your product that you see as a key differentiator between you and your competition that you would not want readily exposed or plagiarised?

Code Scrambler may be of interest to you!

Code Scrambler is a native AX application and it's sole role is to obfuscate native AX code.

It does this via a multitude of techniques and randomly applies them according to a few simple parameters. This is a very powerful toolset and leaves the resultant code just as performant as the original.

In conjunction with its sister product Licence Guard this is a very powerful toolset to protect your intellectual and monetary investment in Dynamics AX.

  • 100% native AX output
  • No external objects to trigger AV engines
  • Can be included into your Development Cycle


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