Advanced Data Access Monitor.


When the application and the database COLLIDE.

When an AX installation has performance issues, it's actually quite easy to determine if extensive locking is the problem. A database administrator can use SQL Server Management Studio to deliver the list of blocked sessions.

So, identifying that locking is occurring is straightforward BUT when it comes to locating the code that is causing the locking to occur, there is just not enough information at the database level to pin-point the code that is creating the problem.

Advanced Data Access Monitor helps to provide the answer to that question. It enables an AX administrator to start a diagnostic session within Dynamics AX itself, collect the data over a given time period, and then report on and analyse the results.

The reports show the blocking statistics (number of blocked sessions, total, minimum and maximum block time) aggregated to the specific X++ code where the blocking is originating from. That information allows a developer to instantly focus on the code which has already caused most blocking (by time or by number of sessions blocked), rather than blindly scanning acres of code searching for potential problems.

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