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Advanced Storage Management released: Standard and Enterprise edition.
AXImprove announce the availability of Advanced Storage Management, your gateway to full utilise Microsoft SQL Server storage capabilites

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Demo Versions: Ax Triage.
AXImprove announce demonstration versions for their Assistance product suite which is made up of Triage: Observe for the end user and Triage: Diagnose for the support representative. Download it, have a try and feel free to give feedback.

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New Promotion: Ax Triage.
AXImprove announce their inaugural promotional prize draw. Win up to £5000 (MRP) worth of software (Triage: observe and Triage: diagnose). Improve your support process. See promotion for full details.

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New Products: Licence Guard & Code Scrambler.
Protect your Licence Revenue and Intellectual Property. We have taken our licencing and obfuscation service and created two products for independent use by the field. Now you have control over what and how you will licence any and all of your products. You have control over what code to protect and how.

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17/Dec/2010 New Product: AX Triage: Observe. User support tool.
Formalise your data collection from the actual user raising the support incident. The user interacts with the system and full technical and functional documentation for the incident is generated to be used within the support process.

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30/Nov/2010 New Product: AX Triage: Diagnose. Partner support tool.
Isolating a support incident more often than not accounts for the most significant amount of time and effort in the overall time to resolve the case. AX Triage: Diagnose allows support to view the execution path taken by the user and see what code in what layers has actually been executed allowing them to quickly perform triage and assign the priority and schedule resources appropriately.

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01/Nov/2010 New Service: Scramble your AX code, Protect your IP.
Dynamics AX provides a terrific platform to innovate upon and many of us have done so over the years since the product was released to market. However this is a double edged sword. If you have spent man years and considerable investment doing something unique you will want to protect the core intellectual property and ensure your licence revenue stream. This service wraps a licence framework around your product and protects key code in your product while maintaining a 100% AX footprint.

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10/Aug/2010 New Service: Performance and Load Test your AX development.
AXImprove provides a service to bullet proof your code. Any area that you need to perform under duress, be it a maintenance window to run MRP, a highly concurrent bespoke application, transactionally intense processing or anything else that necessitates getting everything you can out of your infrastructure to deal with your performance and load requirements. AXImprove can assist you in your goals.

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22/Jun/2010 New Product: Advanced Storage Management STD for SQL Server.
Remove the glass ceiling that stops you utilising what you paid for in SQL Server. Get more out of your infrastructure investment and improve performance at the same time.

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