AOS Start/Stop

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A small VBS script which will allow to start/stop AOS without the overhead of using Windows Management Console

It can also solve the problem many Administrators have: there's no obvious way to allow certain groups/individuals to start/stop AOS without giving full administrative rights.

First the user is asked for the server name:

Screenshot of computer input box


Next a list of AOS's are shown:

Screenshot of AOS choice box


Type a single letter A-Z and press OK to start/stop the corresponding AOS.

Pressing OK with default (space) refreshes the view.


Rights to control the individual AOS can be granted using the SUBINACL tool from Windows Resource Kit, using the syntax below:

syntax : subinacl /service ServiceName /grant=ActiveDirectoryAccount=rights

example: subinacl /service AOS50$04 /grant=Domain\UserOrGroup=STOPI


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